“Traditional Realism” is amongst the longest standing, better known and accepted categories of Visual Art. It is in this category that artist, Greg Tothill demonstrates his great versatility and artistic maturity. He has simultaneously peaked in the demanding requirements of traditional realism, at the same time achieving a height of excellence in technique and use of media.

Any population is fortunate to find two or three such artists in their midst during a decade. Those artists that reach such status are justly rewarded with accolades and acknowledgements. Greg Tothill is reaching this level, a position of eminence that has the ability to hold its own long term, at national level. Greg is a natural artist who depicts the truth in a painterly way. He does not fall victim to the stiff photographic representational limited pallet of many traditional artists. Rather, Greg works from the emotions and feelings created and stimulated by colours and atmospheres viewed. His audiences share in this experience, becoming the participants of exciting choices that ultimately become the Tothill creations.

Already a multi award winning artist, Greg Tothill has many art filled years ahead thus ensuring his artwork is an asset to any collection.

Gillian Kaye Peebles (Formerly Aitken)

Gillian is an internationally respected juror of competitive visual art, having been honoured with a unique, one-off certificate in Exhibition Procedures And Artistic Studies including the Judging Of Fine Arts At An International Level from the Royal Academy Of Arts in London.

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